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The original BRING THEM HOME NOW! tag. Israel military necklace. Stand with Israel. Support Israel.

Our Mission

On 7th October 2023 a large scale terrorist attack was perpetrated in Israel in which more than 1400 innocent civilians were murdered and hundreds were taken hostage. The lives lost in this massacre must be remembered and international awareness must be raised for the hostages still being held captive in inhumane conditions in Gaza by Hamas.

At, we firmly believe that demanding the release of innocent hostages does not require bravery; it is a fundamental human duty that transcends political affiliations. Many of these hostages are children, women, and the elderly—innocent civilians whose lives have been disrupted by this heartbreaking situation. In these trying times, we extend an invitation to you to join us in a clear and unwavering demand to bring them home now.

Through the meaningful purchase of our solidarity tags and silicone wristbands, you become a vital part of a movement that stands by the innocent civilians and their families. Every item you acquire serves as a visible symbol of solidarity, a beacon that calls for justice and freedom. The funds generated through your support will contribute to initiatives aimed at providing support for people affected by the 7th October 2023 atrocities and to raise global awareness, advocating for the hostages' release, and supporting humanitarian efforts on the ground. is a collective voice demanding change. We urge you to stand with us during this difficult time, sending a resounding message that the world will not stand idly by while innocent lives are held captive. Together, we can make a difference, bring solace to the affected families, and work towards a future where freedom and justice prevail. Join us in this vital mission to BRING THEM HOME NOW!


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  • Since being taken hostage by Hamas

    We demand the safe return of all citizens who have been taken hostage by the terrorist group Hamas. We will not rest until every hostage is released and returns home safely. You can help bring them back home.


Releasing the Hostages must remain at the top of our priorities. Together, we will make sure they will not be forgotten.

The Hostages & Missing solidarity tag

Engraved with the Hebrew words הלב שלנו שבוי בעזה - that mean: our hearts are captive in Gaza, and the words "BRING THEM HOME NOW!" and at the back ביחד ננצח - that mean: "Together We Will Win" with a Star of David

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Bring Them Home Now! Wristband

Black, Red, White silicon wristband with the logo Bring Them Home Now!

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Since October 7th 2023, over 240 lives have been held captive by Hamas, casting families into a relentless nightmare. Amongst the hostages are young men, women, children and the elderly.

The Bring Them Home Now! Tags and Wristbands are part of a global campaign to raise awareness for the hostages to ensure they are not forgotten and are released immediately.

By purchasing these tags and wristbands you are forming part of a fundamental global humanitarian campaign. Your support will go towards the families of those affected by the 7th October 2023 atrocities committed by Hamas against the People of Israel.

We urge you to wear the tags and wristbands proudly and defiantly. We must continue this important campaign. Despite these difficult times we must look to the future with hope and optimism. We must ensure the continuation of State of Israel and its people.

We hope that in the near future We Will Dance Again.
Am Yisrael Chai!

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